The Best EU/UK Retail Software.

Detonating success through software.

FUZE supports every major site in the EU & UK, we are dedicated to provide our users with the best checkout experience and give consistent updates.

See why we’re different.

Why should you choose FUZE, and what does consistency really mean?

In the past nine months we have focused on tech products and our team released over 400+ updates to our users to really make sure everything is working.

The results of FUZE speak for themselves, as of today we have 400+ users using our software on a daily basis.


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Average Checkout Per User

Success on all your favourite websites.

FUZE supports almost every EU & UK site, with over 20+ stores we try to get the perfect mix in our software so that everyone gets the products they need.

+ Over 13 additional retailers.

Complete control over your checkout process wherever and whenever.

Fuze's enhanced automated modes allow you to checkout items 24/7 whilst being on the go.

Founders: You want your beloved Founders card? No problem, our in-house monitors are connected to the bot to buy it for you as soon as something goes instock.

Tech: Whether PS5 or other cards, server side monitors are ready for you to buy your beloved goods.

Your concerns are our priority.

We try to eliminate all problems in FUZE as transparently and quickly as possible, that's why we work hard against site changes so that our users can continue to buy their products.


Concerns and suggestions are expressed by users to our staff.


Our developers work around the clock to update, add, and fix modules.


Updates are pushed swiftly so users can continue to checkout items with ease.